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25 cheap pubs in London

Updated: Jun 5

Pub staff pouring a beer which costs under £5 at a cheap pub

As London’s cost of living continues to rise and the weather keeps changing by the hour, locals and visitors alike seek the perfect spot to unwind and socialise without breaking the bank. While the city offers various options, here at CityStack, we are dedicated to being advocates for independent pubs, so we decided to create a list of 25 cheap independent pubs, where you can get pints for £5 or less!

The majority of these establishments are from our selection of over 50 of London's finest independent pubs, each offering exceptional experiences at affordable prices. And the cherry on top? With our CityStack pack, you can enjoy a discount of £10 off your bill at each of these fantastic establishments! We also included some excellent pubs that aren’t part of our selection but provide special offers, because we know how hard it is for independent pubs to offer these prices.

Opting for these local haunts not only ensures an affordable and memorable experience but also fosters a sense of community and support for London's diverse tapestry of businesses. In a city renowned for its vibrant spirit, independent pubs stand out for their unique charm and character, each boasting its own distinct atmosphere and personality.

From snug corners to bustling hubs of activity, every independent pub holds the promise of an unforgettable evening. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of a neighbourhood gem?

Whether you're seeking a classic fish and chips or a good old pub quiz night, these cheap pubs promise an unforgettable blend of camaraderie, passion, and a true taste of London's vibrant pub culture. So, grab a pint, soak up the electric atmosphere, and celebrate the spirit of the city in true London style.

North London

1 Randolph St, London NW1 0SS

If you are looking for a pub that encapsulates all the exuberance, playfulness, and diversity that represent Camden, then you must visit the Colonel Fawcett. Here, you will be part of this friendly and revelry atmosphere while enjoying their impressive catalog of drinks, and most importantly, their happy hour that runs every day until 7 pm, and all day on Thursday! Here, the landlords managed to prove that you can have both a fantastic and cheap pub.

Pints for a fiver or less (only on happy hour):

  • Tidal Wave Pilsner: £5

  • Two Tribes Pale Ale: £5

  • Toast Beer: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Colonel Fawcett. For example, you could get a Schnitzel (£16.5) and a pint of Tidal Wave Pilsner (£5) for £11.5!

19 Perth Rd, London N4 3HB

Relax nearby Finsbury Park in the sprawling beer garden of the Faltering Fullback. One of the most charming Irish pubs in North London with its enchanting ivy-covered exterior. The pub offers a carefully selected drinks menu, which includes Murphy’s as low as £5! A feat that should not go unnoticed, with the prices of similar drinks like Guinness increasing by up to 8% every year. The Faltering Fullback’s rich history, its community atmosphere, and the commitment of the landlords to offer affordable black beer, make it a beloved gathering spot for Londoners seeking a lively atmosphere and a cosy hideout.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Murphy’s: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Faltering Fullback. For example, you could get a Pad Chow Mein (£12.5) and two pints of Murphy’s (£5x2) for £12.5!

30 Inverness St, London NW1 7HJ

If you love punk and rock music, and you seek vibrant tunes coupled with a lively ambiance, then the Good Mixer is the perfect spot for you. Tucked away in the alleys of Camden, this hidden gem offers more than just pints for a mere fiver. It's a hub of spirited conversations and entertainment, often showcasing emerging bands. With a dynamic ambiance and wallet-friendly prices, the Good Mixer is an essential destination for anyone craving the lovely feeling of Camden at an affordable price.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Corona: £5

  • Moretti: £5

  • Brooklyn Beer: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Good Mixer. For example, you could get two pints of Corona (£5x2) and two pints of Moretti (£5x2) for £10 only!

33 Linton St, London N1 7DU

Spend a night around Islington in the classic yet welcoming atmosphere of the Hanbury. This pub not only offers pints for as little as £4.70, but also an appetizing array of gourmet delights. Amidst stylish surroundings and friendly service, it’s the perfect pub to have a great time without breaking the bank.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Amstel: £4.70

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Hanbury. For example, you could get a Fish & Chips (£17) and a pint of Amstel (£4.70) for £11.70 only!

The Walks, London N2 8DL

Unwind in what might become your new weekend go-to spot, nestled amidst the leafy backstreets of East Finchley. The Windsor Castle has it all - a cosy atmosphere with great music that makes you wish you would never leave, mouth-watering home cooked meals, and a catalog of drinks that seals the deal for your new favourite pub.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • McMullen AK Mild: £4.75

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Windsor Castle. For example, you could order a Hereford Cheeseburger (£14.8) and two pints of McMullen AK Mild (£4.75 x 2) for £14.3 only!

166 Malden Road, London NW5 4BS

Finish your walk around Hampstead Park with a pint from the rich Gipsy Queen’s beers selection! If beer is not your thing, they offer a variety of delicious cocktails and food from around the globe. Whether you like to enjoy the sun in a charming beer garden, or just sit inside and relax in the welcoming ambiance, this pub is a must-try.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Cask ale: £4.95

  • Cocktails: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Gipsy Queen. For example, you could order a plate of Japanese Fried Chicken (£11.5) and two pints of Cask Ale (£4.95 x 2) for £11.4 only!

The Trader's Inn

52 Church St, London NW8 8EP

At the Trader’s Inn, you'll be greeted by a menu brimming with classic pub fare. From delicious pub snacks to hearty staples like bangers and mash or custard pies, there's something to satisfy every craving. To add to the entertainment, they boast a large screen TV showcasing Sky Sports, perfect for catching the latest game. Feeling competitive? Challenge a friend (or join their ladies darts team!) to a game on their dedicated darts board. And on sunny days, soak up the fresh air with a refreshing drink in their outdoor seating area.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters £4.60

  • Guinness £4.90

The Jolly Sisters

95 Bride St, London N7 8AX

A stone's throw from Emirates Stadium and well-connected by public transport, the Jolly Sisters offers the perfect pre or post-match pint at cheap prices. Catch the game (or any other sport) in their friendly atmosphere, or soak up the sun on their lovely outdoor seating – perfect for those summer days. Feeling competitive? You can join their darts teams or their Friday/Saturday night dominoes!

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.30

The Sir Robert Peel

108 Malden Rd, London NW5 4DA

On the corner of Queens Crescent by the Tuesday and Thursday street market, this cheap pub offers a modern twist on classic pub vibes. Large windows bathe the split-level interior in light, with comfy seating in one area and high stools in the other. Despite the modern look, it retains a traditional feel with pool tables and TVs, perfect for a casual drink near Chalk Farm or Kentish Town West stations

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.40

Front of the Hanbury where you cant get cheap pints

South-East London

1 Kitto Rd, London SE14 5TW

Discover one of the most renowned pubs in Peckham. Skehan’s provides not only the traditional experience of an old-fashioned Irish pub with delicious Guinness, but it also serves some mouth-watering Thai food. Their live music events also create one of the best atmospheres in the city. Even though it attracts crowds from all over South-East London, which usually leads pubs to increase prices, Skehan’s chooses to offer affordable beers as low as the ones of a cheap pub, with some pints at just £5, making it one of the best value-for-money options for an unforgettable evening out.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Stella: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at Skehan’s. For example, you could get a Phad Thai (£10.5) and two Stella pints (2 x £5) for £10.5!

116 Prince St, London SE8 3JD

Seeking a genuine London pub experience in South-East London? Look no further than the Dog & Bell! While it can get quite busy, this beautiful pub offers a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and catch up with mates over a pint. Best of all, the establishment boasts a delightful beer garden, making it a perfect spot to soak up some sunshine during the warmer months. With a focus on good Guinness and a strong local following, the Dog & Bell offers a taste of authentic Deptford charm at an affordable cost.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Rotational ale £5 (the team regularly changes the offer, ask the staff to get ale of the moment!)

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Dog & Bell. For example, you could get a Smash Burger (£15) and a pint of Tidal Wave Pilsner (£5) for £10 only!

77 Friary Rd, London SE15 1QS

Escape the London crowds and unwind at this lovely cheap pub! This laid-back pub in the heart of Peckham’s residential area is the perfect spot to catch up with your mates, over a relaxing pint of beer. Enjoy one of the few remaining local pubs in the area, which has been running since the early 20th century! The best part? Their affordable pints won’t give you any post-pub-depression, which makes it a must-try for anyone looking for a London hangout.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.95

  • Home ale: £4.90

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Duke of Sussex. For example, you could get three pints of Home ale (£4.90 x 3) and two pints of Fosters (£4.95 x 2) for £14.6 only!

94 Bermondsey Wall E, London SE16 4TY

Veer off the beaten track and discover this wonderful hidden gem in Bermondsey - the Old Justice! This historic pub encompasses a charming and traditional atmosphere, with a stunning Tudor exterior. The Old Justice underwent a refurbishment in 2023, using its rich heritage to create a comforting and cosy ambiance. This facelift has created a lovely mixture that makes it one of the most remarkable pubs in all of southeast London! As soon as you step in, the warm welcome from the staff instantly puts you at ease. They serve some of the most affordable pints of Guinness in London (just £5!). For an extra dose of fun, catch one of their great live animation nights, or be part of their fantastic pub quizzes!

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Guinness: £5

  • House Lager: £5

  • House Bitter: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Old Justice. For example, you could get four pints of Guinness (£5) for £10 only!

23-25 Pelton Rd, London SE10 9PQ

Do you love live music? Are you looking for a chill place to relax on a Sunday? Or do you just fancy a nice, cheap pub to spend your evening in? Well, if your answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, then the Pelton Arms offers you all of this and more! One of the most renowned pubs in Greenwich, with a relaxing beer garden, appetizing food, and vibrant live music. It is definitely a no-brainer if you want a cheap pub that has everything!

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Beaverton - Gammaray: £5

  • Brixton - Low Voltage: £5

  • Beavertown - Lazer Crush alcohol-free: £5

  • Beavertown: Bones Lager: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Pelton Arms. For example, you could get a Diavola (£13.75) and two pints of the Brixton-Low-Voltage (£5) for £13.75 only!

247 Kennington Ln, London SE11 5QU

Get to know one of Kennington's best treasures - the Pilgrim - which not only offers you cheap prices for a pub but also one of the most welcoming and friendly communities in all of London. Even if this doesn't make you fall in love with the place, the delicious food and the daily happy hour - between 7 pm and 9 pm - will surely do the job. Enjoy some beer at discount-like prices during the summer months in their two lovely beer gardens, or get inside during winter and experience a night like no other.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Pilgrim. For example, you could get some Chicken Tacos (£11) and two pint of Fosters (£5) for £11 only!

53 Hercules Rd, London SE1 7DZ

If you find yourself around Elephant and Castle looking for a comfortable and homely evening in a most traditional boozer, then look no further! The Pineapple is the perfect place to relax and catch up with some friends, all while having some delicious pizza and affordable drinks that will not make you regret your financial decisions the next morning.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Carling: £5

  • Carlsberg: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Pineapple. For example, you could order a Pepperoni Pizza (£10) and two pints of Carling (£5) for £10 only!

60 Old Woolwich Rd, London SE10 9NY

Looking for a friendly local pub? Hidden away on a Greenwich backstreet, this charming community pub is a welcoming place for individuals from all walks of life. So much so that they aim to be the most inclusive pub in London! Not only does the Star of Greenwich team welcomes charities to host events, but they make a point in offering a large choice of cheap beers for a fiver. It's also a great spot to catch games, chat with friendly regulars, and enjoy a remarkable variety of affordable drinks. Furthermore, it is an excellent place to simply enjoy some good company in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • John Smiths: £5

  • Fosters: £5

  • Brockley Pale: £5

  • Heineken Silver: £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Star of Greenwich. For example, you could get one pint of each of these listed beers for £10 only!

202 Ivydale Rd, London SE15 3BU

Ascend to a heavenly realm of sensations, through the inviting atmosphere and the radiant interior of the Waverly Arms. This gem in Nunhead offers remarkable service, and exquisite food like their famous Sunday roast, or their mouth-watering pies. Spend the night in their beer garden, enjoying a selection of drinks that is going to leave you wondering how a cheap pub can make you feel like you are in heaven.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Absolutely Fuggled Pale End: £4.90

  • Guest Ale £5

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Waverly Arms. For example, you could get Half Suffolk Chicken (£18.25) and a pint of Guest Ale (£5) for £13.25!

Interior of the Waverley Arms, cheap pub in South-East London

East London

116 Bow Rd, London E3 3AA

Fancy discovering a traditional East London pub? Look no further than the Bow Bells! You’ll be blown away by this Cockney family-run’s atmosphere - both inviting and warm - perfect for a memorable night that will make you feel part of its great community. Get some friends and head to this bright orange pub, where their excellent pizzas, and extensive drink selection come at surprisingly affordable prices. Here, you can order a delicious Margarita for just 12£!

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Duskstar Hophead: £4.80

  • London Pride Ales: £4.80

Additionally, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Bow Bells. For example, you could eat a delicious Margarita (£12) and drink two refreshing Dusktar Hophead pints (2 x £4.8) all for just £11.6!

38 Kenton Rd, London E9 7AB

Immerse yourself in this hidden gem in Homerton. The Kenton offers a traditional pub experience with a Scandinavian twist to it, which makes it heaven for all Wes Anderson fans. Regardless of your taste, this pub has it all, from live sports, and pub quizzes, to even hosting renowned DJs. It is also definitely the dream of any beer enthusiast, thanks to the incredible effort of Egil, the owner, to provide an amazing selection of beers, some of them being from local breweries such as Neckstamper, or Five Points (some for only £4.50!). All this makes it a great option for anyone looking for a good old pump night with a great atmosphere and the prices of a cheap pub.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Carlsberg: £4.50

Plus, with CityStack, you get a £10 discount when you spend £20 at the Kenton. For example, you could get five pints of Carlsberg (£4.70) for £13.50 only!

West London

269 Uxbridge Rd, London W12 9DS

In the heart of West London, this cheap pub offers a friendly and laid-back experience. Catch sports on their HD projector, enjoy live music every weekend, or belt out your favourites at Sunday karaoke. With a warm atmosphere and something for everyone, The Askew guarantees a good time!

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.20

The Shanakee

9-10, Central Buildings, The Broadway, London W5 2NT

In the heart of Ealing, just a stone's throw from Ealing Broadway station, lies the Shanakee, a family-run Irish pub brimming with warmth and character. Renowned for a ‘perfect’ pint of Guinness and lively atmosphere, the Shanakee is a haven for those seeking a taste of Ireland in West London. Their extensive drinks selection - from a wide range of beers on tap and classic Irish whiskeys to refreshing spirits, wines, and soft drinks - caters to all tastes. Whether you're looking for a pub to catch up with friends, enjoy a post-work drink, or simply seeking a welcoming spot to relax and unwind, the Shanakee is sure to become your new local.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.50

The Stag

177 Acton Ln, London W4 5DA

Tucked away on a quiet residential street in Chiswick, the Stag is a hidden spot for locals. Built in 1898, this traditional pub boasts beautiful Victorian glazed tiles and a welcoming atmosphere. Inside, you'll find a classic layout with a central U-shaped bar, a pool table on one side, and a cosy lounge area with comfy seating and books on the other side. Here, live Premier League games light up the screens. While there's no food service, their selection of bar snacks, including the ever-popular Tayto crisps, pairs well with some well-priced beer.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.80

  • Strongbow: £4.80

Central London

The Boot

116 Cromer Street, London, WC1H 8BS

Steeped in history with a warm welcome, the Boot ticks all the boxes for a classic pub experience. This old-school Irish pub caters to everyone, whether you fancy a game of pool or darts, want to catch the latest game on the telly, or simply unwind with some tunes from the jukebox. But this pub goes beyond just the typical pub fare. Live music nights, their menu featuring delicious homemade food, and their friendly staff ensures a comfortable and welcoming night out.

Pints for a fiver or less:

  • Fosters: £4.80

Time to head to the pub!

London is brimming with hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and its independent pubs are no exception. From cosy nooks with roaring fires to quirky spaces with unique charm. These 25 cheap pubs offer more than a pint – they provide a glimpse into the heart and soul of London. Whether you're seeking a historic haunt with character or a modern spot with a vibrant atmosphere, these independent pubs embody the spirit of London's diverse and dynamic pub culture. And to make your exploration even more affordable, with CityStack, you can enjoy a £10 discount when you spend £20 at most of these hidden gems. So, venture off the beaten path, and savour the experience of exploring these affordable gems across the city's bustling streets. Cheers to affordable adventures and memorable moments in London's thriving pub scene!


Fancy a discount?

CityStack pack of discounts to get cheap pints

We launched a project to support independent pubs hit hard by the current economic crisis (staff shortages, energy costs crisis etc.) and help pub lovers to socialise within their budget: CityStack is a £25 stack of beer mats that lets you get £100 worth of food & drink at amazing independent pubs across London.

In each pack, you'll find a special beer mat to show at any ten of the 50+ pubs handpicked by the CityStack team. Have it stamped to get £10 off £20+ spend. Collect 10 stamps to save £100!

Each pack provides a fun experience too, including a map and a stack of collectible informative beer mats to learn more about a fantastic selection of London pubs.


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