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Inflation reduces budget for going out

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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Skyrocketing inflation and increasing mortgage rates don’t leave much room in the budget for going out and independent pubs are paying the price: 200 pubs already closed during the first quarter of this year.

The decrease in revenues caused by Londoners budgeting less towards going out, added to the increase of costs results in a serious challenge to keep the hospitality businesses running. Not to mention the massive staff shortage disruptions.

While big chains may be well equipped to weather the current economic situation, it’s

much harder for independent businesses to keep their business afloat. I’d love to further discuss the impact of the current economic crisis on small businesses, as well as possible initiatives to help them.

It’s a topic I am very passionate about since I launched CityStack. We at CityStack are dedicated to supporting independent pubs and helping people do the things they love whilst saving money. If you’re interested in saving £100 at amazing indie pubs, take a look at our packs of money saving beer mats. Our £20 stack of beer mats offers £100 worth of food & drinks at indie pubs across London!

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