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Not only is January Dry, but the pubs’ bank accounts are too!

Updated: Aug 2

Looking down at a group of dusty green glass bottles on a table

The first quarter is the quietest period for hospitality businesses. Bad weather, Dry January, cold, the need to save money after Christmas... many of us prefer to stay home.

But local pubs are still open! They still need to pay for their (massively increasing) bills. It is not a secret anymore that hundreds of pubs are on the edge of closure and the start of the year is going to be critical for many of them.

Dry January means having a break from alcohol, but it doesn't mean not socialising! I’d like to offer an alternative to just drinking, like having a meal or a cup of tea, so people can still socialise and enjoy the pub's atmosphere without breaking the pledge of Dry January.

At CityStack, we know the challenges locals are facing and we encourage people to keep going to these amazing places that are part of UK’s DNA.

We launched a project to support independent pubs hit hard by the current economic crisis (staff shortages, energy costs crisis etc.) and help pub lovers to socialise within their budget: CityStack is a £20 stack of beer mats that offers £100 worth of food & drinks at amazing independent pubs across London.

This pack offers ten money-saving beer mats, each giving £10 off a £20 spend at one of the ten pubs that are part of the collection: it’s a total of £100 worth of food & drinks offered per pack! How does it work? When it is time to pay, our users give the beer mat to receive a £10 discount on their bill. This discount is available on any item on the menu (food, drinks...) at any time.

With this pack, pub lovers save money, discover and support a selection of great independent pubs at the same time, it's a win-win!

Hand passing an orange coaster over a table, square black and white box with 'london pubs collection' on it and hole cut out in top of box has orange coaster peeking through

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