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Discover London's Best Beer Gardens with Pub Vouchers

Updated: Jun 17

Discover the heart of London's social life through its pubs. With a CityStack voucher in hand, your pub experience transforms, combining affordability with a splash of excitement across the capital's favourite local spots. Our mission is to support and promote independent pubs, which is why we only list these unique establishments. Our £25 stack of beer mats gives you £100 worth of food and drink at independent pubs. Each pack includes a special beer mat to show at any ten of our pubs. Have it stamped and get £10 off your bill! Collect ten stamps, save £100!

Citystack pub voucher to use for discount

This guide offers you a pathway through some of London's best pubs — whether you're looking to relax in a sunlit beer garden, enjoy the vibes of live music, or spend quality family time in a welcoming setting. Each pub on our list offers something special. They are handpicked not only for their distinctive character but also for the unique experiences they provide to their patrons. You'll discover places that resonate with your taste and mood. Starting from historical establishments with storied pasts to modern venues that pulse with contemporary beats. More importantly, you’ll see how CityStack pub vouchers can unlock exclusive benefits and savings, making each visit memorable and budget-friendly.

Join us as we delve into the diverse pub culture of London. Our curated selections cater to every desire: serene afternoons, vibrant nights, and delightful family gatherings. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these pubs promise encounters that are sure to enrich your London experience. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and make the most of your time in the city's vibrant pub scene.

With your CityStack pub voucher, step into the enchanting world of London's best beer gardens. Places like the Crown and Shuttle and the Gipsy Queen offer not just a pint, but a retreat from the urban bustle. Imagine sipping craft ale under the shade of lush foliage, your afternoon lit by gentle sunlight. These gardens provide a perfect setting for relaxation and social gatherings, making every visit worthwhile with savings from your voucher.

1) Skehan’s: A Blend of Cultures and Generations

1 Kitto Road, London SE14 5TW

Skehan’s in Peckham exemplifies the traditional Irish pub with a twist, making it stand out with its fusion of cultures. Located in South-East London, Skehan’s is known for its rich history and live music. The pub combines Irish charm with the delightful flavours of Thailand, thanks to their Chai’s Garden Thai restaurant. Here, you can enjoy a pint of Guinness while savouring Thai dishes like Weeping Tiger Steak or Tamarind Duck.

Front view of Skehan's pub with beer garden

Skehan’s is a true family-run pub that has been a staple in Peckham for decades. The building itself is over 200 years old, adding historical charm. Bill Skehan, who took over the pub in the early 2000s, infused it with his love for live music, making it a renowned spot for music lovers in South London. Chai, Bill’s wife, brought her Thai culinary expertise to the pub, creating a unique menu that perfectly complements the traditional Irish drinks on offer. Skehans’ reputation for great food and music continues under the same family management, who have preserved the pub’s beloved traditions.

Visitors - regulars or first-timers - can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere. The pub’s interior, with wooden beams and a cosy fireplace, makes it a perfect spot to unwind while the music sets the tone for a memorable evening. The beer garden offers an outdoor retreat during warmer months, featuring a serene setup with wooden benches and Asian-inspired touches. Adorned with thriving plants and colourful lanterns, it provides a tranquil spot to unwind. The garden's ample seating and vibrant decorations create a delightful atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely afternoon or an evening with friends. Sipping on a refreshing drink and sampling their delicious dishes, the garden's inviting ambience enhances the overall experience. Bring your CityStack pub vouchers for a discount on your visit, don’t miss this experience with savings.

2) The Crown and Shuttle: Shoreditch's Craft Beer Haven

418 Mare Street, London E8 1HP

Visit the Crown and Shuttle in Shoreditch to enjoy a vibrant outdoor setting with a distinctively indie vibe. Once a strip bar, now transformed into a beloved local pub, offers an extensive selection of beers and a lively garden terrace. The East London pub's unique decor, featuring exposed brick and eclectic furnishings, creates a welcoming atmosphere for all.

The garden terrace is a highlight. It provides a spacious and vibrant outdoor area where patrons can enjoy their drinks in the fresh air. The garden is perfect for sunny days and warm evenings, with ample seating and a relaxed atmosphere. Inside, the pub maintains a cosy yet lively ambience – a great spot for socialising with friends or unwinding after work.

The Crown and Shuttle is also known for its commitment to serving high-quality craft beers, with an ever-changing selection that includes both local brews and international favourites. Additionally, the pub offers a menu of delicious food, including its popular Lebanese salad and other bar snacks. Use your CityStack pub vouchers here to get a discount on craft beers or a Lebanese salad, making your outing both enjoyable and affordable.

Crown and shuttle beer garden to enjoy with pub voucher

3) The Dog and Bell: A Homely Haven in Deptford

116 Prince St, London SE8 3JD

The Dog and Bell is a Deptford hidden gem that promises a homely vibe with the red-fronted facade and welcoming atmosphere. Here, the spirit of old London pubs is alive, blending traditional charm with quirky modern events. Known for the best selection of ales and the beloved Guinness, the pub also hosts an annual Pickle Festival that adds to the charm. Chip in, and you'll find a pub that feels like stepping back in time. The interior boasts vintage decor, with wooden beams and a roaring fireplace that adds to the welcoming vibe. Regulars and newcomers alike appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere, where conversations flow as freely as the drinks. The pub's delightful mural and fairy lights further enhance the unique character. Ideal for any season – enjoying the beer garden in summer or cosying up by the fire on cold days.

In winter, the indoor and outdoor areas are adorned with spectacular traditional Christmas decorations. It attracts visitors from all around London and offers a snug refuge. The outdoor seating options at the Dog and Bell are particularly inviting. The front area under large umbrellas provides a convivial setting without the disturbance of passing cars, enhancing the relaxing atmosphere. For those seeking a quieter escape, the back garden is a perfect retreat for warm summer days. Adorned with beautiful plants and ample seating, it offers a serene escape with greenery and wooden benches. Ideal for enjoying a leisurely afternoon with friends.

The pub's events, like the Pickle Festival, highlight a welcoming atmosphere. Patrons are invited to taste and vote for the best pickles, chutneys and preserves while enjoying live music and a vibrant community vibe. Remember to use your CityStack pub vouchers for £10 off your food and drinks during your visit.

Customers enjoying beer garden  at the Dog and Bell

4) The Faltering Fullback: A Rugby Lover's Retreat

19 Perth Road, London N4 3HB

Nestled near Finsbury Park, the Faltering Fullback is an enchanting Irish pub that has been a beloved North London institution since the 1870s. Adorned with an ivy-clad facade and boasting a multilevel beer garden, this pub offers a magical retreat for those who love the outdoors. The pub is a local favourite for watching rugby, creating a lively community atmosphere. The ‘Sin Bin’ room, adorned with rugby memorabilia including jerseys signed by legends, is a hotspot for sports enthusiasts. Fans gather here to cheer on their teams, creating a festive and communal atmosphere.

The pub's multilevel beer garden is a standout feature, feeling like a hidden oasis. Wooden decks float at different levels, intertwined with vibrant plant life, creating a secret garden vibe – perfect for relaxing. Whether you’re enjoying a sunny afternoon or a cool evening, the garden's various nooks offer a serene escape. It's easy to lose yourself in this maze of foliage, especially after a few pints!

Inside, the Faltering Fullback maintains a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. The interior is full of character, with numerous nooks and crannies perfect for quiet conversations or lively gatherings. The eclectic decor includes vintage memorabilia, quirky ornaments, and wooden panelling, contributing to the pub's unique charm.

Offering a wide range of drinks, from local ales to classic Irish options, the Faltering Fullback caters to all tastes. Their carefully curated drink menu includes Brixton range ales, Bombardier, London Pride, and the most popular Murphy’s for only £5. For those looking for a culinary adventure, the pub offers an exceptional selection of Thai cuisine. Delighting your taste buds with every bite from fragrant curries to spicy stir-fries, a delectable dish satisfies every palate.

Whether you’re meeting up with friends, watching the big match, or simply relaxing in the beer garden, the Faltering Fullback provides the perfect hideout. With your CityStack pub vouchers , you can enjoy discounts on a variety of drinks and soak in the unique vibe of this beloved North London pub.

People in the Faltering Fullback watching live game using their pub voucher

5) The Hawke: Victoria Park’s Welcoming Corner

233-235 Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD

The Hawke stands as a pillar of culinary excellence, celebrated for its outstanding gastro fare and inviting ambience. Stepping into the Hawke is like entering a world where food takes centre stage, offering an experience unlike any other.

At the heart of this East London pub is its exceptional food. Every dish is a testament to the chef's dedication to quality and innovation. The menu is a harmonious blend of British tradition and modern flair, showcasing the best local ingredients and seasonal produce. Each dish is a work of art. The pub’s signature dishes include succulent Sunday roasts, gourmet burgers, and fresh seafood. Crafted with precision and care to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy your soul. Each is prepared with attention to detail, ensuring every bite is memorable. Vegetarians and vegans are also well-catered for, with inventive and hearty options that never compromise on flavour.

Rich menu of the Hawke using discounts

Beyond the food, the Hawke boasts a charming atmosphere that complements the dining experience perfectly. Don't miss their hidden gem - the beer garden - which can be easy to overlook. This tranquil oasis offers a serene spot for al fresco dining. It's the perfect place to soak up the local atmosphere – enjoying a pint or two of their signature craft beers. For colder evenings, the welcoming fireplace provides a warm and intimate setting, perfect for unwinding with a drink in hand.

The owner's impeccable taste for decor is evident throughout the venue, adding to the overall charm of the Hawke. The pub is a cornerstone of the community. Local residents gather to chill out in the garden on weekdays or indulge in the famous Sunday roasts on weekends. Whether you visit for a leisurely weekend brunch, a lively evening drink, or a hearty meal – this is the place! With your CityStack pub vouchers, you can enjoy £10 off at this delightful pub, making your visit even more enjoyable as you discover and support one of London’s great independent pubs.

6) The Herne: East Dulwich's Garden Gem

2 Forest Hill Rd, London SE22 0RR

The Herne in East Dulwich offers a tranquil garden setting that extends the greenery of Peckham Rye Park. Known for traditional décor and live music nights, the pub combines old-world charm with modern hospitality.

This South-East London pub features a spacious back garden with heaters for winter and blooming flora for summer – perfect for those seeking a serene escape. The Victorian building still boasts its original art-deco interior from the 1930s, featuring decorative glass panels and dark wooden mouldings. Inside, the ambience is inviting, with white walls and warm lighting that make it a cosy spot for any season. In winter, the real open fire provides a perfect retreat from the cold, adding to the pub's charm.

Beer garden of the Herne, enjoying with pub voucher

Not only the Herne has a great allure but it hosts a vibrant community atmosphere. The pub hosts regular events – quiz nights, live music, themed parties – making it a lively hub for socialising and entertainment. The first and third Tuesday of every month feature traditional music nights. Local musicians gather to play folk tunes, adding a unique cultural touch to the pub’s offerings. The friendly staff and welcoming environment ensure that everyone feels at home, whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor. Bring your CityStack pub vouchers to enjoy discounts on their offerings, making your visit even more enjoyable. Whether you’re there for a live music night, a peaceful afternoon in the garden, or a cosy evening by the fire, you'll love the unique blend of traditional charm and modern comfort of this Dulwich pub.

7) The Kenton: Homerton's Scandinavian Hideaway

38 Kenton Road, London E9 6RQ

Distinctive for its bright yellow exterior and Scandinavian-themed décor, the Kenton in Homerton, blends Nordic and British pub culture seamlessly. This venue is renowned for the extensive drink selection – Norwegian schnapps and local craft beer – and the vibrant atmosphere brimming with live sports and music.

The beer garden is a standout feature, offering an eclectic and inviting space that is truly unique. Divided into two sections, the garden boasts quirky, colourful seating arrangements set across multiple levels. Bright blue seats, positioned at varying heights, create an unusual yet charming environment that encourages socialising and relaxation. The vibrant look makes it a picturesque spot for both summer and winter visits.

Inside, the Kenton maintains a warm and welcoming ambience. On colder days, the indoor fireplace provides a cosy setting to enjoy your drinks and meals, making it an ideal retreat no matter the season. The Kenton is a hub of activity, featuring live sports broadcasts, pub quizzes, and music events attracting locals and visitors. Frequent patrons rave about the friendly staff and the pub’s strong sense of community. All those reviews contribute to its status as a beloved spot in Homerton.

The Kenton’s appeal lies in its ability to offer something for everyone. Whether you want a casual pint, enjoy the vibe or watch a game, you are in the right place! This is the pub to experience a memorable visit combining the best of Nordic and British cultures in East London. With a CityStack pub vouchers, you can take advantage of discounts and enjoy special events without breaking the bank.

8) The Pelton Arms: Greenwich's Versatile Gem

23-25 Pelton Rd, London SE10 9PQ

The Pelton Arms is truly a jack-of-all-trades Greenwich pub, excelling in every aspect it offers. Whether you're stopping by for a drink, enjoying live music, or relaxing in the beer garden, this South-East London gem is a must-visit.

Settle down in this cosy pub and soak in the relaxed atmosphere. With numerous Guinness decorations, a dartboard, wood-panelled walls, and an open fireplace, you'll feel the charm of a traditional pub. The Pelton Arms boasts a great selection of exclusive ales and brews, such as Brixton ales, Bombardier, and London Pride. Classic cocktails, a wide variety of wines, continental lagers, and real ales also grace the menu. For a culinary treat, delve into their menu and enjoy award-winning Wandercrust wood-fired pizzas, alongside traditional pub food.

The Pelton Arms is renowned for fantastic free live music and has hosted famous musicians like Squeeze and Dennis Greaves. The platform for up-and-coming musicians is popular with guests and bands alike, making every visit an entertaining one. You don't want to miss the beer garden, adorned with bamboo and ample seating, perfect for warm summer days or cool winter nights. Thoughtfully designed, the garden’s layout features a mix of wooden benches and tables that provide a comfortable and charming setting for socialising. The vibrant greenery, including well-tended plants and decorative foliage, adds to the tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal spot to unwind with friends or enjoy a quiet moment alone. String lights and subtle garden decor create a cosy, inviting ambience as the evening sets in.

With a CityStack pub vouchers, you can enjoy discounts on their extensive drink selection and delicious food, making your visit even more enjoyable. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the Pelton Arms offers a versatile and memorable pub experience in the heart of Greenwich.

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