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Best Father’s Day gift ideas for a Londoner in 2024

Updated: May 20

London view with Big Ben - Happy Father's Day sign

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a Londoner? At CityStack, we came up with a unique gift idea for Londoners who love  independent pubs, and we would like to share our passion for exploring the city. How? Just for you, we’ve put together a roster of thoughtful and distinctive Father’s Day gifts for Londoners. Our curated list is sure to have something that will light up Father’s Day. Let us help you find the perfect present to bring joy to his heart this Father's Day.

From our beloved CityStack coasters made to embark you on a journey to London’s best indie pubs while unlocking exclusive discounts to a poster to scratch away, perfect for exploring the city’s hidden gems… we’ve got you covered! And why not treat your father with an unforgettable experience at a shooting range in London, offering thrilling fun like no other? Whether your dad is a history buff, a pub enthusiast, or simply loves adventure, these carefully selected Father’s Day gifts for Londoners promise a great surprise for your loved one!

CityStack - the perfect gift for independent pub lovers!

CityStack, the perfect father's day gift for pub lover with the map, a beer mat and a special beer mat.

Looking for the ideal Father’s Day gift for a Londoner who loves exploring the vibrant independent pub scene? Look no further! Treat your dad to an unforgettable experience with CityStack – the ultimate gift for pub aficionados.

For just £25, our unique collection of beer mats unlocks £100 worth of food and drink at handpicked independent pubs scattered across London. Each pack includes a Special Beer mat that entitles you to £100 in savings. Simply present it at any ten of the 50+ selected pubs, receive a stamp with each order of £20 or more, and get £10 off your bill. Collect ten stamps to enjoy a total saving of £100!

But CityStack isn't just about savings – it's about a fun experience. Each pack comes with a map for navigating London's pub landscape and a set of informative beer mats, perfect for discovering the stories behind these unique establishments.

Do you know a dad who loves discovering new pubs and experiencing the heart of London's social scene? CityStack is the best gift you can give. Cheer to unforgettable moments and explore the best of London's independent pubs at our 50+ pub locations, including fantastic establishments such as the Dog and Bell in Deptford, the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park, the Cleveland Arms in Paddington, Skehan’s in Peckham, the Crown and Shuttle in Shoreditch, and many more!

Address: 116 Prince St, London SE8 3JD

Despite being tucked in the streets of Deptford, the Dog and Bell outshines its peers with the delightful mural on the side. It's arguably one of the top venues for your next pub venture! The establishment promotes a welcoming environment for all patrons while enjoying a pint of Guinness.

Address: 19 Perth Road, London N4 3HB

The beloved pub has been running since 1870. With quirky beer gardens placed throughout the building, it is a go to gathering spot for all Londoners. Whether you’re looking for a good pint, or a place to watch rugby with friends, the Faltering Fullback has got you covered.

Address: 1 Kitto Rd, London SE14 5TW

Have you ever wondered if you could get a delicious dish of authentic Thai food  in a classic Irish pub? Skehan’s is the place to go. Enjoy delightful meals and finish it off with a pint of Guinness while admiring the Victorian styled décor in a buzzing atmosphere.

A night of culture and entertainment at West end shows

Music hall signs in London

A West end show ticket makes an exceptional Father's Day gift for a Londoner, encapsulating entertainment, culture, and shared experiences. London's West End is renowned worldwide for its dazzling array of theatrical productions, ranging from classic dramas to cutting-edge musicals. 

Gifting a ticket to one of these shows offers an opportunity to immerse in the magic of live performance, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's the stirring melodies of ‘The Lion King’, the gripping narrative of a play like ‘The play that goes wrong’ or the breathtaking choreography of a dance performance, there's something to captivate every taste and interest. 

A few ones that are worth seeing…

Mamma Mia! (from £15)

Take a musical trip to the Greece islands, along with some of the most classic songs from ABBA.

The play that goes wrong (from £25)

Expect the unexpected! From falling props and sticky doors to actors forgetting lines, breaking character, and getting stuck in a grandfather clock. You could expect nothing but the ordinary. A non stop comedic adventure from start to end for ages 8 and above.

Phantom of the opera (from £31)

Hidden far beneath the majesty and splendour of the Paris Opera House is the Phantom filled with jealousy. It yet tumbles into an unexpected love encounter. Experience the thrills of west end's most enduring love story!  Suitable for ages 10 and above.

The Lion King (from £46)

Discover Disney's award winning musical full of astonishing stage effects and spectacular costumes that’s suitable for everyone!

Discover the city’s hidden gems with a London date scratch off poster!

Scratch off poster for London

A scratch-off bucket list poster serves as a funny Father's Day gift for a Londoner. This interactive poster was originally made with unique dating ideas in mind. Nevertheless it features a selection of iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and must-see attractions throughout the city. A new location is revealed with each section being scratched away, creating a visual representation of the journey and accomplishments. The A3 sized scratch off poster boasts wonderful art illustrated by Josef McFadden, collecting beautiful parks, bustling streets, museums, art galleries and markets for you to explore at our doorstep. 

This gift encourages exploring and appreciating London’s hidden gems like never before. It also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to explore the diverse cultural tapestry of London. You may rediscover landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower of London as well as uncover hidden treasures in charming neighbourhoods. The scratch-off bucket list poster transforms Father's Day into a thrilling quest filled with excitement and discovery. Moreover, it fosters quality time spent with loved ones as families or friends embark on adventures together, cherishing memories and strengthening bonds. With its blend of exploration and sentimentality, a scratch-off bucket list poster is the perfect gift to ignite a spirit of adventure. 

Master the arts and crafts of marksmanship at a shooting range!

Shooting rang as a gift for Father's Day

A shooting range experience offers an exhilarating and unique Father's Day gift for a Londoner. It provides the chance to embark on an adventure and explore a new realm of excitement. London's shooting ranges are designed to offer a safe and controlled environment. That’s perfect for individuals wanting to hone their marksmanship or looking for the thrilling sensation of firing an array of firearms.

What sets a shooting range experience apart is its ability to create truly unforgettable moments. Introduce a first-time shooter to the world of firearms and treat a seasoned enthusiast to an adrenaline-fueled session. The range offers a remarkable gift that will leave a lasting memory. The concentration, precision, and the surge of adrenaline combines to create an experience that is both exhilarating and empowering.

While London boasts a few notable shooting ranges, there are a plethora of options available throughout the city. From state-of-the-art facilities to more traditional ranges, London offers a diverse array of choices to suit different preferences and skill levels. Some notable places to consider include West London shooting school and Targets sports world. However, it is worth exploring further to find the perfect shooting range that aligns with your preferences and location.

Surprise a dad with a shooting range experience that promises excitement, skill-building, and the creation of cherished memories. It is an opportunity to step out of the ordinary and into a world of controlled power, accuracy, and pure exhilaration. Let the sound of shots fired and the thrill of hitting the target make this Father's Day a truly unforgettable one.

Address: Sharvel Ln, W End Rd, Northolt UB5 6RA

West London shooting school offers a wide range of shooting grounds and clay & rifle shooting experiences. Accessible within the M25 and within a 30 minutes drive from London. 

Address: Southend Arterial Road Unit 5 Avenue Industrial Estate, London RM3 0BY 

Target's sports world provides the opportunity for people to shoot assault rifles and airguns along with shooting crossbows and compound archery bows and of course loads of axe throwing.

Gift an unforgettable experience with a sports game ticket in London

Sport game ticket for Father's Day gift idea

A sports game ticket could be an exemplary Father’s Day gift for a Londoner, offering a unique and memorable experience. In a city renowned for its vibrant sports culture, gifting a ticket to a beloved sporting event provides a special opportunity. It allows fathers and their families to bond over shared passions. Beyond the thrill of the game itself, attending a live sports event fosters camaraderie and creates lasting memories. It's a chance to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Dads can immerse themselves in the electric atmosphere of the stadium, enjoying quality time with loved ones.

From cheering on their favourite football club at Wembley Stadium or witnessing the grace of tennis stars at Wimbledon, to experiencing the exhilaration of rugby matches at Twickenham, London offers a plethora of sporting spectacles to suit every taste. For Londoners, a sports ticket is more than a gift, it's a gateway to shared experiences and cherished memories.

Here are a few games to watch out for on Father's Day!

July 2024

Be captivated by the skills and athleticism of top basketball talents from the USA as they showcase their talent in an exciting event.

June 2024

Experience the magic of Major League Baseball as teams from the USA showcase their talent in thrilling matches in London.

August - December 2024

Address: Arsenal Football Club, Highbury House, 75 Drayton Park, London, N5 1BU

Participate in the excitement of Arsenal Football Club at their home ground and witness thrilling matches filled with passion and skill.

August - December 2024

Address: 782 High Rd, London N17 0BX

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, known for their dynamic style of play and dedicated fanbase.

August - December 2024

Support West Ham United Football Club as they compete against top teams, showcasing their determination and team spirit.

Witness the pinnacle of European club football as the top teams battle it out for the prestigious UEFA Champions League trophy.

Delve into the history of London on the streets

Oxford street in London to visit in a history tour

A history tour around London presents a thoughtful and enriching Father's Day gift for a Londoner. It offers a deep dive into the city's rich and storied past. London stands as a testament to centuries of history. These iconic landmarks and hidden treasures weave together tales of triumph, tragedy, and everything in between. 

Gifting a guided history tour gives the opportunity to explore the city's illustrious past firsthand. From the mediaeval marvels of the Tower of London to the grandeur of Buckingham Palace, these tours not only showcase famous locations but also unveil the hidden anecdotes and secrets that breathe life into London's history. Walking in the footsteps of monarchs, poets, and revolutionaries offers a fresh appreciation for the city's rich heritage and its transformative history. A history tour creates meaningful connections between generations, as families journey through time, sharing stories, insights, and a sense of wonder. Very often, we overlook the histories of our hometown and forget about the wonderful gems hidden all around us. From exploring Roman ruins to tracing the footsteps of Shakespeare, you can take a step back into the past of your surroundings. Embarking on a history tour around London promises to be a captivating and unforgettable Father's Day gift for a Londoner, reminding them of the city's diversity and rich history.

Westminster walking tour (From £79)

Join a guide to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament, and more. It also comes with a wait free entrance to Westminster Abbey!

Jack the Ripper tour (From £20)

Immerse yourself in Victorian London on this one-of-a-kind Jack the Ripper tour. That experience features a handheld projector that recreates the chilling stories of Jack the Ripper in the streets of white chapel.

Roman ruins and Blitz Bombing tour (From £18+)

Travel across the City of London, in the ancient heart of the capital. You can learn about the City's founding two thousand years ago. Find out where you can still see Roman ruins to this day, its survival through fire and war, the Tower of London's bloody past, the City's oldest pub, and the easiest way to tunnel into the Bank of England's vaults!

Make London yours with the London Monopoly

Monopoly board as a gift for father's day

A London-based board game like London Monopoly makes an exceptional Father's Day gift for a Londoner due to its unique blend of nostalgia, entertainment, and local pride. As a timeless classic, Monopoly transcends generations, providing an opportunity for friends and families to bond over a shared love for their city. Each roll of the dice becomes a journey through the iconic landmarks and streets of London. Therefore fostering a sense of connection to the city's rich history and culture.

The game offers a delightful stroll down memory lane, as they navigate familiar locations and reminisce about their own experiences in the bustling metropolis. Moreover, London Monopoly serves as an educational tool, offering insights into the city's geography and historical sites, making it both entertaining and enriching. Beyond the gameplay itself, the gift of London Monopoly represents a thoughtful gesture, acknowledging and celebrating the recipient's connection to their home. Whether played on Father's Day or any other day, this board game is a delightful way for a Londoner to unwind, have fun, and share cherished moments with loved ones. 

London monopoly beckons with its iconic landmarks and prized locations. Explore the centuries-old grandeur of Harrods, where luxury goods await your strategic manoeuvring. Immerse yourself in the vibrant street art of Brick Lane, a haven for cultural enthusiasts. Venture further to acquire Big Ben, the majestic symbol of London's history, and traverse the regal paths of Buckingham Palace. In this captivating game, you can discover the allure of London's diverse tapestry and seek victory amidst opulence, creativity, and illustrious landmarks in London monopoly.

To finish off, considering the best Father's Day gifts for a Londoner is not an easy task, ranging from the unforgettable pub venture across London with our CityStack gift for pub lovers, to the roar of the crowd at Wembley Stadium and the electric atmosphere of Twickenham. Indulging in the world-renowned West End shows presents another fantastic gift idea. From dazzling musicals to thought-provoking dramas, there is never not enough to do in this bustling city.



Looking for the perfect gift for pub lovers?

CityStack, the perfect gift for pub lovers with pub voucheres

We launched CityStack to support independent pubs hit hard by the current economic crisis (staff shortages, energy costs crisis etc.) and help pub lovers to socialise within their budget: CityStack is a £25 stack of beer mats that lets you get £100 worth of food & drink at amazing independent pubs across London.

In each pack, you'll find a special beer mat that gives you £100 worth of food and drink. Show it at any ten of the 50+ pubs handpicked by the CityStack team, and have it stamped to get £10 off £20+ spend. Collect 10 stamps to save £100!

Each pack provides a fun experience too, including a map and a stack of collectible informative beer mats to learn more about a fantastic selection of London pubs.


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