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Taxidermy at the Raven Tower Bridge, independent South London pub.

The Raven Tower Bridge

Opening hours:

Mon - Sat: 11am - 12am
Sun: 11am - 11:30pm

Address: 218 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UP


Time flies at the Raven

The Raven Tower Bridge lies right next to its namesake. Sit back with a delicious drink on the terrasse and watch the tourists flock to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Whether you’re a craft beers connoisseur, gin aficionado, or wine fanatic, you’ll be enchanted by the drinks on offer. 

We all know the tale of the ravens at the Tower of London, and how the monarchy alongside the rest of England will fall if the Tower is ever without ravens. Due to the pub’s proximity to the Tower, it is no wonder that it took its name from the protectors of the crown and country. The pub is even popular with those who work directly with the ravens at the tower! Ravenmaster Christopher Skaife has been known to frequent the Raven Tower, and even won a contest to name the stuffed crow behind the bar! He named her Merlina, after his favourite raven at the tower who sadly flew away. Ask the staff behind the bar, and you can even get your picture taken with her!

Raven tower bridge (1)_edited_edited.jpg
Salmon salad at the Raven Tower Bridge, independent South London pub.

Delight yourself with traditional pub food and drinks

No matter your beverage preference, all of the drinks are carefully selected by the specialist bar team. Enjoy the Raven IPA, brewed in Brixton, especially for the Raven Tower Bridge. If you fancy a bite to eat, dive in some traditional pub food ranging from award-winning Pieminister pies, to good old-fashioned fish and chips.

Quote from Jason and Michelle at the Raven Tower Bridge, independent South London pub.


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