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Fish decoration at the Prince of Greenwich, independent Greenwich pub in London.

The Prince of Greenwich

Opening hours:

Tue - Fri: 4pm - 11pm
Sat: 1pm - 12am

Sun: 12pm - 10pm

Address: 72 Royal Hill, London SE10 8RT


A wonderful quirky pub that seamlessly blends British and Italian cultures

If you are looking for a quirky yet cosy and most welcoming place in Greenwich, look no further than the Prince of Greenwich! Situated just a short 5-minute walk from the splendid Greenwich Park and less than 10 minutes from Greenwich Station, this captivating pub is sure to leave you awestruck.

Upon arrival, you'll immediately recognise the place by its distinctive sign featuring the visage of a bearded man. This charismatic figure is none other than Pietro, the jovial owner, who, along with his delightful wife Paola, assumed ownership of the pub in 2015. They have artfully preserved the quintessential character of the establishment while infusing it with an eclectic assortment of trinkets and memorabilia. This unique and eccentric venue will make you feel right at home from the moment you step through the door, and your eyes will be delighted by a diverse array of sights, from framed pictures of jazz singers and antique jars to vintage ceramic wall plates. You might even spot a statue of a girl engrossed in a book within this lively, bustling pub!

Facade with door and windows at the Prince of Greenwich, independent Greenwich pub in London.
Pizza & beer at the Prince of Greenwich, independent Greenwich pub in London.

Ciao real Italian food

Thanks to the Sicilian heritage of the owners, the Prince of Greenwich boasts a menu brimming with delectable Italian cuisine. Whether you're tempted by the irresistible pizzas, eager to savour fresh pasta dishes like the classic Carbonara or the innovative Red Mullet. Do you have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying? Don't resist trying the Cassatina Siciliana, a quintessential Sicilian dessert crafted from chocolate, ricotta, and marzipan.


Quote from Pietro and Paola, landlords of the Prince of Greenwich, independent pub in Greenwich.
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