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The Devereux

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri: 12pm - 11pm


Address: 20 Devereux Ct, London WC2R 3JJ


A historic pub on a hidden street

This elegant pub is nestled on a quiet side street in the heart of Temple, making it an often overlooked treasure. Ideally located just a short walk away from Temple station, it is also nearby other locations that make up the heart of London, such as Covent Garden, Fleet Street, and the Strand. 

The Devereux was originally built in 1677 as a Grecian Coffee House, and saw many famous patrons, including Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Edmund Halley, and Hans Sloane. In 1841 the former coffee house was rebuilt as a pub, and its previously scholarly customer base changed into solicitors, barristers, and judges, due to its close proximity to Middle Temple. Being close to Fleet Street, it also housed plenty of journalists. These days, the pub is run by the beloved landlord Tony, who is always happy to recount stories of the Devereux.

Facade with tables and chairs at the Devereux, independent pub in Central London, Temple
Bar at the Devereux, independent pub in Central London, Temple

A proper pub experience in the heart of London

Enjoy all of the classic pub beverages and snacks you would expect to find in a traditional pub such as the Devereux, and be entertained by traditional quiz nights, live sports, and of course the quintessential board game collection. 

Quote from Tony, landlord of the Devereux, independent pubs in central London, Temple.


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