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£20 for a pint? Independent pubs will pay the price!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A full pint sitting on a wooden table

Have you heard the news? The pint could cost up to £20 within a year! This massive “beer-inflation”, which is the result of sky-rocket costs for hospitality, is not going to encourage consumers to go back to their locals, which are already facing a strong decline in visitors since the pandemic! This has the potential to cause real and irreversible damage to the industry.

Not only do larger chains have the marketing and financial resources to attract new customers, they also have a strong power to negotiate their supply price. But it’s much harder for independent pubs, who are, for a couple of years now, dealing with an indecent economic situation for their business which amounts to independent landlords facing a very bleak future.

We have to help independent pubs to compete with chains, or we might lose these wonderful unique places forever and be left with much less pub diversity. We will face the social impact too. Not-going-out and socialising with your friends and colleagues will also have psychological repercussions.

We at CityStack are dedicated to supporting independent pubs and helping people do the things they love whilst saving money. If you’re interested in saving £100 at amazing indie pubs, take a look at our packs of money saving beer mats.

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