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Celebration at the pub to support independent pubs with CityStack

Get a chance to win £100 worth of food and drinks at London pubs

Participate in our survey

Thanks for submitting! The draw will be held very soon and the winner will be informed by email.  You should receive a confirmation email now, please check at your spams and inform your mailbox this is not a spam!

4. Do you prefer to go to...
7. Would you be more likely to go to a pub if it offered a discount?
5. What are the most important criteria when it comes to chose a pub?
8. If we told you that for £20 spend, you could get £100 worth of food & drinks at 10 amazing pubs across London, would you be interested?
9. If we told you that you could support independent pubs whilst saving money, would you be interested?
2. When you go out for a drink, you leave your borough...

We are launching an exciting initiative to help independent pubs grow and prosper. We have already published the first edition with 10 pubs and are planning to release new packs dedicated to London's varied and vibrant boroughs. We would love to receive your answers to these 10 quick questions, which will help us prioritise which area to choose for the next edition.

Participating in the survey will give you a chance to win £100 worth of food and drinks at selected pubs across London, courtesy of CityStack!

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