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Celebration at the pub to support independent pubs with CityStack

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 Please, upload the highest quality you have (EPS, PNG). Feel free to add as many versions, files as you can. If you can't upload the file (PDF), send it to

Almost there! We need images to promote your pub on our website and the booklet included in each pack. We will also use this material for any social media communication. Please, provide us with as many pictures as possible! Need help to answer? Write us to

Upload the logo of your pub

We will use this picture on our website and eventually on social media publications. Feel free to share more than one picture if you have.

Upload pictures of the manager/landlord

Please, upload as many pictures as possible: inside, outside, food, drink, staff… (up to 30). If you need to send more, send these to

Upload pictures of your pub

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